IFFI Diner Meeting: Innovation

Allergens: finding a balance between sense and sensibility

In the privacy of the IFFI network, managers and professionals will get an update on the interaction between the human immune system and food as well as the sense and nonsense in the public perception of food allergies. Are processed foods to blame for the rise in allergies? And are clean label, organic and natural products of any help in turning the tide?

Can biochemistry and bionica offer immunity?

How can we use biochemistry and bionica principles to find innovative alternatives for allergens or to deactivate allergens? Participants are invited to exchange ideas on innovative solutions for both regulatory as well as public opinion issues with regard to allergens.

Target Group

Innovation/R&D managers, market intelligence and marketing managers, business development and consumer insight managers, product development specialists, process and application technologists and colleagues from the food ingredients industry who are interested in food allergens a regulatory, R&D and marketing point of view.


Thursday, 14 March 2019

Location: Post-Plaza hotel, Tweebaksmarkt 25-27, 8911 KW Leeuwarden, tel. 058-2159317

17.00 hrs Reception and informal networking opportunity in Plugzaal
18.00 hrs Words of welcome
18.15 hrs Dinner
19.30 hrs Presentation Prof. Harry Wichers – WUR
20.15 hrs Dessert break
20.45 hrs Presentation Ylva Poelman – the Bionic Woman
21.30 hrs Plenary discussion
22.00 hrs Drinks and networking opportunity
22.30 hrs Possibility to stay overnight


Friday, 15 March 2019

Location: Royal Koopmans, De Merodestraat 3, 8901 BE Leeuwarden

09.00 hrs Registration at Royal Koopmans
09.15 hrs Words of welcome
10.00 hrs Presentation about Value from Grain
11.00 hrs Factory tour
12.00 hrs End of formal programme; a light lunch will be served