6 November; Smarter, Faster, Stronger: Sensory & Consumer Science, for true business relevance


The Expert Group Sensory Research of the MOA, the Dutch Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research & Analytics, presents a smashing symposium on the value of sensory for business.

At the Danone Nutricia Research Center key contributors are presenting their latest methods, experiences and insights from sensory & consumer science. Amongst them: Unilever, Danone, IFF, Haystack, Essensor/OP&P and Wageningen University Research (WUR). Chaired bij Prof. Dr. Hans van Trijp.

With the ultimate goal: Finding the best match between the latest scientific insights on sensory, consumer and business demands.

The program on November 6th will be very exciting and diverse. Next to keynotes from Heineken and Essensor/OP&P we also have interesting keynotes, presentations and sessions from, for example:

  • Victoire Dairou – Danone about ‘Consumer centricity innovation: a trend or a norm?’
  • Garmt Dijksterhuis – WUR about ‘Diversity in methods’
  • Daniëlle van Hout & Chantalle Groeneschild – Unilever about ‘Measuring meaningful differences’
  • Dr. Harold (JHF) Bult – Applegg about ‘Better, smarter, faster: Two novel implicit consumer measures validated’
  • Ludovic Depoortere – Haystack ‘Agile consumer insights in practice’

Look at sensoryforbusiness.nl for a complete program overview and more information.

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About the MOA Expert Group Sensory Research 

The Expert Group Sensory Research is a platform for debate for and about sensory/consumer research. Its goal is to safeguard quality and encourage the exchange of knowledge and good training within this discipline and the professional domain. The expert group has about one hundred members, mainly working in the food industry and academic, higher vocational and research institutions. The expert group meets twice annually and furthermore it organizes various workshops/meetings and a symposium about Sensory Research.